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Reunion Plan

Aldersgate United Methodist Church 
Reunion Plan 
May 2020 

Background and Purpose  

In early 2020, the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) became a global scourge. No 

region or community within the civilized world went untouched by the virus. As such, any 

gathering of more than one family or more than ten people was banned within the State 

of WV.  In May of 2020, the WV Governor and state officials released guidelines for the 

reopening of activities and businesses in the State. 

In conj unction with the WV Governor’s reopening guidelines for the State and those 

provided for the United Methodist Churches of WV by the WV Conference, this plan for 

the reunion of the friends and family of Aldersgate United Methodist Church in 

Sissonville, WV has been developed.  

Important Note: If you are ill or are beginning to have symptoms of Coronavirus or 

any other illness, please stay home and tune in to the live stream service on 

Facebook or Youtube. Help us protect our friends and loved ones so that we can 

all attend Sunday Morning Service free from health concerns as soon as possible. 

Phase 1   

Target Date - June 7, 2020 

Location - The gymnasium of the Multipurpose Community Center located on the 

grounds of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. 


     -    Instructions and plan details will be communicated to the Aldersgate friends and 

          family in several ways to reach as many people as possible. Communications will 

          include, but are not limited to: 

               -    Announcements during online services prior to reunion date 

               -    Online events throughout the week 

               -    Email distribution list 

               -    Posted guidelines within the MCC 

The Service 

     -    Options 

         -    In addition to holding the onsite service, it will also be available on 

              Facebook Live and YouTube Live simultaneously or recorded for later 

              viewing. This provides viewing options for those not comfortable with or 

              not able to participate in onsite services. 


-    Entry 

         -    Entry will be unidirectional by the MCC door under the underpass and 

              near the kitchen. Other areas of the church will not be available to 


-    Handshakes and Hugs 

         -    Person to person contact outside of a family is strongly discouraged 

-    Masks 

         -    Masks will be required for all attendees in the congregation and by 

              service leaders while they are within the congregation area. Please 

              provide your own mask if at all possible as it may not be possible to 

              provide masks for all.  If there are masks made available to Aldersgate, 

              they may be provided to attendees. 

-    Snacks/Coffee 

         -    No snacks and/or coffee will be available in Phase  1. Attendees may 

              bring snacks/drinks for themselves and/or their own families. 

         -    The kitchen area will not be available. 

-    Seating 

         -    Plastic chairs will be positioned on the gym floor at acceptable social 

              distances from individuals or family groups. Ushers may direct groups to 

              specific chair positions and may add chairs as needed, however 

              attendees must not reposition chairs on their own. 

         -    Families will be guided to place their chairs together, as desired, 

              respecting a minimum 6 ft distance from other families and individuals. 

         -    Individuals will be guided to place their chairs in an area designated for 

              individuals respecting a minimum 6 ft distance from other individuals and 


-    Service Leaders 

         -    The service will be led from the stage and service leaders will remain on 

              the stage during the service. 

-    Music 

         -    Music will be provided by service leaders and musical guests only. We 

              will be unable to have congregational singing in Phase  1.  

         -    Choir will not perform during Phase  1 

-    Children’s Moment 

         -    Will be offered from the stage with children remaining in their chosen 


-    Tithes and Offerings 

                         -    A collection plate will be placed near the exit for collection of tithes and 

                              offerings to eliminate handling by multiple people. 

               -    Bulletins/Handouts 

                         -    No bulletins or handouts will be provided during Phase  1. 

               -    Communion 

                         -    Will not be held during Phase  1 

               -    Alter call 

                         -    A makeshift altar will be available. Please respect a 6 ft minimum distance 

                              between people. Family members may pray together. 


               -    Restrooms 

                         -    Restrooms will be limited to 2 people at any one time. 

               -    Exit 

                         -    Attendees will be dismissed by ushers in an orderly fashion through the 

                              gymnasium doors behind the stage area. 


          Sunday School will not be held during Phase  1 


            Nursery services will not be available during Phase  1 



               -    Chairs  

                         -    Must be sprayed and/or wiped down with a disinfectant after each use 

               -    Restrooms 

                         -     Surfaces must be disinfected after each service 

               -    Door Knobs and Handles 

                         -    Must be disinfected after each service 


Persons with a positive COVD-19 test 

     -    If an attendee has tested positive, services will be discontinued until further notice and 

          an attempt will be made to notify all other attendees without identifying the positive 

          attendee by name. Attendees may be asked to quarantine. This may also include service 

          leaders and may also result in the discontinuation of the online services.