Sissonville Multipurpose Community Center (SMCC)

In June, 2012, the Sissonville Multipurpose Community Center (MCC), although not complete, became a reality. Working with Kanawha County Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the American Red Cross, the MCC with its 100 KW generator became an emergency shelter. Following the derecho, it was home for nine days to area residents, provided over 2,600 meals and other services. In October of that year, following an early snowfall and power outage, it provided shelter and services for three days. Then in December, a gas pipeline explosion in the area necessitated yet another emergency shelter.

The MCC provided three emergency shelters in a six month period during 2012. Fortunately it was not needed again until January 2014 during the water crisis. The Sissonville Emergency Shelter is on 24/7 standby and opens within a few minutes following notification from Kanawha County Emergency Services officials

Located adjacent to Aldersgate United Methodist Church, in the middle of the Sissonville Area and within one mile of the high, middle and the larger of the two grade schools, the MCC’s location is well above the flood plain and convenient to everyone in the area. While everyone knew it was needed, no one knew its demands. In addition to serving as a temporary emergency shelter, its many uses include home to Senior Services, Putnam on Aging Nutrition Center, Rhonda’s Closet, Sissonville Food Pantry and Clothing Corner, Lions Club, high and middle school sports banquets and community meetings. Youth in the area use it for basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. The Multipurpose Community Center’s services to the Sissonville Community continue to grow.